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  • Invite  Your Inputs

We welcome your thoughts and encourage you to feel part of your creative team.

The outcome of this collaboration is that you gain a genuine feeling of 'ownership' in the final files.

NOT something that was written by some stranger in some obscure typing centre that you spent less than ½ an hour with on the phone!

To do this, we proactively identify important and relevant career factors and carefully assess and positively reflect your actual contributions.

Now we collaboratively invite and positively prioritise your inputs and we generate a document that you will be confident in supporting at interview.

This positively eliminates the possibility of clashes at interview between the file's messages and your personality and image.

  • Social Media

As an essential element in each of our Résumé and Curriculum Vitae packages, we include an appropriate social media message, ranging from  the basic important data to a detailed, concise and emotive summary of the key, and most critically, the relevant and credible personal career achievements that future employers will relate with.

  • Costs and Payment Options

We have 6 packages and we start at $155.00 for our Basic Package, that is suitable for application for position paying less than $40k pa.

The range extends to our $750.00 Senior Executive Package that includes complex, highly detailed CVs, succinct Résumés, comprehensive application documentation and compliance processes and support.

We require a 50% deposit upon commencement and the balance paid at completion.

We accept Mastercard, Visa and cheques. We issue compliant invoices for every transaction.

Our Packages

  • Produce The Final Files

We then review the final files, and delve deeply into the accuracy and relevance of the key aspects of the data and quoted statistics.

The objective is to provide you with an interview winning document that you can confidently support during the intense processes of interviews.

Résumé, CV and 
ApplicationCreation Services

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  • Prepare The Résumé & CV

We start with a blank page, NOT a boring template that every HR Manager and Recruiter has seen soooooooo many times before.

We then select one of our exclusive graphics packages that attract a positive first impression to the busy reader, and we align the package with a professional format style. 

​Importantly, were review and aggressively prioritise the data we have generated from talking with you.

Then we create the document in which every word has been created exclusively for you.

The result is a demonstrably positive reflection of the your career achievements . . . NOT a simple 'fill-in the squares'  job into some boring template by a low skilled worker.

  • Talk To You

We quickly identify and positively prioritise what you have achieved that will be important to your next employer.

We use this data to highlight key dimensions and factual details, specifically including those that are positive and not immediately obvious.

We 'drill-down' on your achievements in your roles, projects, and workplace improvements and provide the recruiter with concise, relevant and positive facts.

Our Service Techniques

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  • Government Applications

Your Résumé or Curriculum Vitae is only a support element in these applications. Positive, current and relevant proof of your claimed skills is the major criterion.

We are expert at clearly interpreting the position specifications, and in concisely and succinctly providing current, relevant and appropriate proof of your compliant skills, qualifications and transferable capabilities, all within all published specifications of word and page limits, timeliness and format.

  • Each Package Includes

A complete job search solution: Résumé, Curriculum Vitae, Application [or Cover] Letter, personalised stationery [letterhead & referee files], and interview techniques files.

The variations in our packages are only in the amount (and therefore cost) of time allocated to the interview, production, final editing and client review.

Importantly, we will guide your choice based upon the position's salary range: no employer will read a 5 page Résumé for a basic $35k pa role!

  • Your Confidence Guarantee

This simple means that, after we have completed all the interview, preparation, collaboration and final editing, if you are not comfortable and confident with any word, we will suggest alternatives and quickly complete edits until you are happy.

Simple as that!